Sugar and spice and everything nice…?

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Yesterday, I was taking a quick photo of Avery to send to Mom at work. I got the photo I wanted and was looking at the photo when Avery wandered over the an electrical outlet (one of her favorite sources of mischief) that she’d been warned not to touch. When I noticed this, I gave Avery a stern (and maybe a bit too loud) ‘No!’ and pulled her outstretched hand away from the cords attached to the outlet. Since I had my phone still in hand, I decided to document the crying fit that followed. This all took place over about two minutes.

The calm before the storm – the original photo:

Permission denied!

A brief questioning pause to see if the eruption of tears was effective:

Eruption of tears: failed. Commence stage two… super sadness:

Super sadness: failed. Commence stage three…purple rage:

Rage: failed. Evaluating other options…

Other options are severely limited. Commence teary-eyed acceptance:

Tantrum over. What was all the fuss about again? Some stupid cords? Who cares… wanna play?

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