Halloween 2012

Posted on by Dad

Well, here Avery is in all her trick-or-treating glory. Avery’s nanny had the day off, so Avery spent the Halloween day at daycare in Berkeley. We were a little worried that Avery’s Dora the Explorer costume wouldn’t last all day and all night, so we got her a ladybug costume to wear during the day and saved the Dora costume for trick-or-treating at night.

It was a little rainy, but we managed to visit maybe a half dozen houses on our street. Avery didn’t always remember to say “trick or treat”, but she had a lot of fun. Always the shy one, Avery wanted to go inside every house we visited.

Once the fun started, it was hard to get Avery to stand still for photos, but I managed a few before losing Avery’s interest – not that I could blame her.

To see how Avery’s grown and changed in the past year, check out this post from Halloween 2011.





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