Averyisms: Whiles

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Whiles (n):
A indeterminate period of time greater than seconds or minutes, but not infinite because they can be combined.

“Avery, it’s time to pick up these toys and get ready to go.”
“No, we can just play with these toys for a couple more whiles.”

Deep thoughts: Experience, Regret, and Contentment

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Yesterday, around 5:30 Avery was playing. I was sitting on the couch watching her. We’d been talking about this and that, but it had been quiet for a couple minutes. Then this:

Avery: “Dad?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Avery: “I’m good with whatever I do.”
Me: “I’m not sure I know what you mean.”
Avery: “I mean, I’m fine with whatever I do.”
Me: “Oh. Well… good. You should be.”
Avery: “I am.”

Don’t change a thing, Avery.

The long overdue Christmas 2012 post

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Well, we’re two weeks into 2013 and I still haven’t posted photos from Christmas yet. Bad Dad…but better late than ever.

Christmas was very exciting this year. Avery loved all the decorations and Mom made an awesome advent calendar so we could have a treat for dessert every night. By the time the big day came, Avery couldn’t stand to wait any longer. We got up early and checked the tree to see if Santa came, then we had Skype calls with Nana and Papa and Amma and Papa as we opened presents.

Avery spent the rest of the day playing with her new toys, just as fast as Mom and I could put them together. Later in the day, I got my holiday wish… Mom was kind enough to take some photos of Avery and I in our makeshift photo studio.

We’re already looking forward to Christmas 2013.

Christmas Morning-1

Test driving her new potty

Christmas Morning-4

Opening presents

Christmas Morning-8

New “Big Girl” panties, worn on the outside of her pajamas. Apparently all the kids are doing this now.

Christmas Morning-10

New pajamas. Fortunately, the panties fit over these too.

Christmas Morning-11

Soloing on the drums.

Avery and Dad on Christmas

Lucky Dad.

Holiday card photos!

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Avery was kind enough to sit still for a few minutes (literally) this evening while modeling her Christmas dress so I could take some photos for our holiday card. Which photo did we pick? I’m not saying… but keep an eye on your mailbox.

Holiday card-1

Holiday card-2

Holiday card-3

Holiday card-4

Holiday card-5

Holiday card-6

Christmas tree decorating 2012

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You might’ve guessed it – but Christmas is a big deal around our house this year. In 2010, Avery was only a month old at Christmas, so she didn’t really get the whole concept. Last year, we were in the process of moving, so we didn’t put up decorations or a tree. So, this year is the first that Avery’s celebrating Christmas in high gear.

No one is more excited about this than Mom. The entire top floor of our house is covered in wreathes, garland, and lights. On Saturday night, we put up the Christmas tree and Avery pitched in with the decorating. Since then, she wakes up excited every day and admires her work, saying “Pretty” and “You like this Christmas tree?”

And of course we do. The next month will be a lot of fun.

Tree decorating

Tree decorating

Tree decorating

Tree decorating

Art project

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I have a roll of 9′ x 36′ white paper that I use for photo projects, so I thought it might be fun if we got some art supplies and covered the living room with paper to see what Avery would do. With Mom’s help, we set everything up yesterday and made a time lapse of the process.

Avery was a little put off by the finger paints – she didn’t like having her hands dirty after a minute or so – but she liked painting with brushes and coloring with the crayons and markers. We had a lot of fun. I think we’ll be posting more of these videos in the future.

Art – November 18 from Jeff Rivers on Vimeo.


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We still can’t believe it, but our little girl turned two last Wednesday. On her birthday, Sara brought her a bunch of gifts and they had birthday cupcakes for breakfast. Wednesday night, Avery opened some gifts from Mom and I. Then on Saturday, we opened gifts that arrived in the mail from Avery’s friends and relatives and had cake while Nana and Papa joined in via Skype. For the finale on Sunday, Avery Skyped with Amma and Papa and opened presents they sent her.

Here are some photos of the festivities:

















Another amazing year in the books. Thank you Avery. I love being your dad.

Halloween 2012

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Well, here Avery is in all her trick-or-treating glory. Avery’s nanny had the day off, so Avery spent the Halloween day at daycare in Berkeley. We were a little worried that Avery’s Dora the Explorer costume wouldn’t last all day and all night, so we got her a ladybug costume to wear during the day and saved the Dora costume for trick-or-treating at night.

It was a little rainy, but we managed to visit maybe a half dozen houses on our street. Avery didn’t always remember to say “trick or treat”, but she had a lot of fun. Always the shy one, Avery wanted to go inside every house we visited.

Once the fun started, it was hard to get Avery to stand still for photos, but I managed a few before losing Avery’s interest – not that I could blame her.

To see how Avery’s grown and changed in the past year, check out this post from Halloween 2011.






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We’re all about pumpkins lately, so we took a trip down to the pumpkin patch and fall carnival at Harding Elementary in El Cerrito yesterday. The weather was perfect, the pumpkins plentiful and everyone had a nice day out.

Pumpkin Patch-6

Pumpkin Patch-2

Pumpkin Patch-4

Pumpkin Patch-5

Pumpkin Patch-7

Pumpkin Patch-9

Pumpkin Patch-10

Pumpkin Patch-11

Pumpkin Patch-12

Pumpkin Patch-8

The 2012 Massachusetts Vacation Mega Post – Part 2

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Avery is STILL talking about everyone. Just when I thought she might be settling back to her schedule, she asks to go play on the beach with Amma or she wants to play with blocks at Nana’s house. This was truly the vacation of a lifetime for Avery, thanks to everyone for taking off work and hanging out.

She was so awake the entire 5+ hours we were flying, she didn’t want to miss a thing.


Not sure who had more fun flying kites, Jeff or Nolan.

it doesn't get better than this!


Hanging out with Auntie Beth

It was a perfect day and the water was warm!

Long ride home....

I’m glad Avery got comfortable on the way home….me, not so much.