Christmas 2011

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(Sorry I’m so late in posting these photos – if you’re reading this, then odds are you know that it’s been a very busy month for Avery, Mom, and I. Thankfully, we’re just about all settled in at the new house in California.)

Well, it’s official. Avery loves Christmas. The presents, the dressing up, the little foil-wrapped holiday chocolates… it’s all good. Due to our pending move, we had a very minimal Christmas this year. We didn’t decorate the house in any way or put up a tree, so I expect next year Avery will like the holiday all that much more.

On Christmas Day, we opened presents that family and friends had sent to the house.

Nana and Papa flew into town late Christmas night, so on the 26th we went down to their house for more presents.

As you can see, Avery was thrilled. Thanks for all the lovely gifts. I’m sure that by the time next Christmas comes, Avery will be able to tell you that herself.

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