Amma’s Visit

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We just said goodbye to my mom (aka Amma) two weeks ago and Avery is still looking in every room to find her. Amma had a whirlwind trip stopping at my brother Darin’s first in Santa Barbara, on to my Uncle’s house in Bakersfield and finished up in the Bay Area visiting us. Avery didn’t let her have a moment’s peace and Amma loved every minute of it. Amma taught Avery the word “pretty” as she yanked Amma’s earings, she had her very first ice cream cone and she played in the sandbox for the very first time at the playground (without trying to eat the sand). It was a big weekend for all of us. My mom and I also took Avery to her very first session at Gymboree. Although the class was focused on going “through” things, Avery just wanted to dance. She twirled around and closed her eyes and laughed every time she heard music, regardless of what the other kids were doing. It was a wonderful trip and we miss Amma already….



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