After work playtime

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When I work from home, it’s hard not to get distracted waiting for the end of the day. Sometime between 4:30 and 5:00, my office gets transformed into a playroom. Furniture is pushed back and laptops turned off. Toys are spilled all over the floor. If I play my cards right, the Red Sox game stays on the TV.

Everybody gets on the floor (well, just me, since the dogs and Avery are already there). We play, roll around, and laugh until about 6:30 when the pre-bedtime routine begins: veggies, bath, and bottle.

Avery’s quasi-crawling now. The back legs are on board, the arms and shoulders less so. She has no shortage of toys, but remote controls are her favorite thing, so she has one of her own. When you turn her loose, she heads straight for something dangerous or something fragile. She knows her name and I’m pretty sure she knows I’m saying ‘no’, but she laughs and goes for it anyway. It’s impossible to keep from smiling.

I took this photo today. Don’t let appearances fool you. Avery’s all smiles and crawling to Dad – but only because she sees his big, shiny camera. And she’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer.


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