Sunday at Miller-Knox Regional Shoreline

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We recently discovered Point Richmond, a great spot about four miles from our house in El Cerrito. There are lots good places to eat and stroll around. And on the very edge of Point Richmond is the Miller-Knox Regional Shoreline.

The park has hiking trails, a pond full of geese and seagulls, picnic areas, playgrounds, and Keller Beach – a small patch of beach on San Francisco Bay. The water is warm and the waves are pretty mellow – just right for Avery.

On Sunday, we took Avery down to Point Richmond for lunch before heading to the beach and the park for a couple hours. For a while now, Avery’s had this love-hate thing going with lemons and limes. When our drinks arrived, Avery had to have our fruit, so I turned on the video camera and let her do her thing:

Then, off to the beach and the park:

Strolling the beach with Mom

Sitting in the surf

Peeing? Maybe. OK, probably.


And running…

And sorta running…

Gathering rocks

The look you get when you say, “You can’t carry all those rocks.”

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