One year ago today…

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We welcomed Avery into our lives. Since then, time has flown and we’ve never been happier. On Sunday, we had a party to celebrate Avery’s birthday. Nana, Papa, and Amma were there, along with a bunch of friends. We had cake, opened presents, and played with a bunch of new toys.

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First Birthday-2

First Birthday-3

First Birthday-4

First Birthday-5

First Birthday-10

First Birthday-6

First Birthday-9

First Birthday-8

First Birthday-7

First Birthday-1

Here’s a series of photos that I combined to show how much Avery has grown and changed in her first year. The first photo is from week one. The second photo is at six months old. And the last photo is at one year.


Thank you for an amazing year Avery. I love being your dad.

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