More crawling

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The previous video of Avery crawling was her most-watched clip ever, so I thought I’d take a couple more.

This first one was taken just after a projectile-barf. Even though I cleaned it thoroughly, Eli makes an appearance halfway through to finish the job on a molecular level. He’s here to help, folks…

After a bit of crawling, Avery started climbing on me, so I help her up. Assisted standing is one of Avery’s favorite activities.

This second one highlights Avery’s tenuous love/hate relationship with door stoppers. Since learning to crawl, she’s found that they can be a source of great delight if flicked just so or they can be a loud, snapping, and gyrating horror show if a heavy hand is used. If you turn your speakers up loud enough, you’ll hear that Avery is bending the door stopper ever-so-slightly to get a little rattle going, but not so much as to scare herself.

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