Avery in The City

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After a month of weekends getting settled and unpacking, we finally made it into San Francisco (“The City” as it’s called around here) for a little fun. The Bay Bridge was partially closed, so we decided to take BART into San Francisco, grab some lunch, and visit the San Francisco Bay Aquarium. Lately, Avery’s been very interested in fish (“shish”), so we figured she’d love seeing some real, live “shish”.

Avery enjoyed the ride on the train into San Francisco and was very well-behaved. She made friends and spent most of the ride playing peak-a-boo with a lady seated across the aisle from us. By the time we arrived, they were good friends.

After we got off the train, we headed down to the Ferry Building (a must-visit if you’re in SF) and had lunch. We ate at Boccalone, which was one of the places that Mom and I had been looking forward to trying out. It didn’t disappoint – those Food Network guys know what they’re doing.

After lunch and a little fun time on the pier, it was clear that what Avery wanted more than “shish” was to run around and have fun. We opted against going to the aquarium and headed across the Embarcadero to the park, enjoyed the weather, and let Avery explore.

Great day – the shish will have to wait for another time.

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Avery and Mom

Marching through the park

Being extra careful not to disturb the nice gentleman sleeping in the park

Chasing one of the park's full-time residents

3 Responses to Avery in The City

Auntie says: February 22, 2012 at 7:26 pm

She looks like she’s having a blast! Happy exploring!

Auntie says: February 22, 2012 at 7:35 pm

Just saw that you missed “Giant Pacific Octopus Week” at the aquarium. I’m guessing seeing a giant pacific octopus up close would’ve been reason enough for Dad to keep Avery out of the ocean for safety sake for the rest of her life, especially given his aversion to ocean swimming! Probably best that you skipped it this trip and head back during “Fluffy Happy Creatures That Will Never Bite or Sting Week”

Dad says: February 24, 2012 at 12:13 pm

We saw the giant octopus on the local news last week. That thing was creepy. To make matters worse, the aquarium has these observation bubbles built into the floor so you can poke your head up into the floor of the aquarium and check out the fish… so they show this one little boy stick his head up into the bubble and the octopus is lurking right behind him looking like he’d pounce on his head if he could. They didn’t show the kid turn around to see the octopus because I’m sure there were tears involved.


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